Kelly-Green Seasonal Cottage in Orange County, $49,900

  |  July 10, 2015
20 woodland circle monroe ny

You can bet your sweet sassy bippy that this seasonal cottage near Monroe is going to be a cash-only deal. But $50,000 is pretty good for a vacation cottage less than 90 minutes from NYC. We wish it was a lake house, but instead, it’s located in a residential neighborhood about 40 mins. from Woodbury Commons and about 20 minutes off the Thruway. Lot size is less than a quarter-acre with the back half looking out into the woods with a stone patio. Interior is cute with a wood burning fireplace, 2 beds/1 bath, and a serviceable kitchen. We love that it looks like a 1930s bungalow, which is exactly what it is, and the neighborhood appears to consist of the same type of properties.

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20 Woodland Circle North, Monroe (Monroe Realty Center)



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