Kerhonkson Renovated 19th Century Farmhouse Minutes from Minnewaska, $549,000

  |  September 29, 2015
1242 berme rd kerhonkson ny

We were fairly blown away by the sheer newness that this c.1864 farmhouse seems to embody. Yes, some old details remain, like the ceiling beams and the living room stone fireplace, but for the most part, it looks brand-new. The reason is that, according to the listing, the current owners poured around $300,000 into renovating the property, so when you think about that kind of money, the $550,000 price tag doesn’t seem that high at all. And it’s big: 5000 sq. ft, 5 beds/4 baths. We’re thinking B&B material, and the fact that it’s 5 minutes from Minnewaska State Park only serves to enhance its potential. That gigantic room on the second floor with private balcony could make a fantastic yoga studio. Also includes a pool and 3 acres of land just outside of Kerhonkson hamlet in Ulster County.

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1242 Berme Road, Kerhonkson (Four Season Realty)

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