Budget-Friendly Kinderhook Lake Cottage, $155K

  |  February 13, 2022
kinderhook lake house

Looking for a little vacation place that won’t break your budget? This Kinderhook Lake house is easy on the eyes and the wallet. 

Situated north of Valatie village, this 720-square-foot cottage sits just a stone’s throw from Kinderhook Lake. If you were hoping for something right on the water, be prepared to shell out quite a bit more than $155K.

kinderhook lake house

Even still, this place still sits in bargain territory, considering it’s move-in ready with a nicely-laid-out main living area that’s open to the kitchen and dining area.

kinderhook lake house

Looks like the floors are starting to peal so perhaps some new flooring is in order…

…but the kitchen’s ready for meal prep…

kinderhook lake house

…and it includes two bedrooms…

…plus an upper-level storage room for all of your stuff.

Hang outside on the back deck that overlooks the backyard, and park your vehicle safely inside the garage under the house.

Kinderhook Lake is located about five minutes’ drive north of Valatie village, and less than ten minutes from Kinderhook. From here, NYC is a 2.5-hour drive. If you prefer taking the train, you can schlep it to Hudson, about a half-hour’s drive away.

kinderhook lake house

Is this Kinderhook lake house the perfect vacation spot for you? Find out more about 3847 State Route 203, Valatie, NY from Keller Williams Capital District

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