Cutesy Kingston Fixer-Upper on a Corner Lot, $100K

  |  March 4, 2022
kingston colonial house

You might appreciate how quiet your neighbors are if you lived in this Kingston Colonial house in need of a full reno. 

In fact, you’ll never hear a peep from them…because said neighbor is a cemetery. The lot itself sits on the corner of a residential neighborhood south of Kingston city and just north of Port Ewen, NY. It’s a sweet little tree-line spot, and, if you can see beyond its shabby condition, this house could be a sweet little home.

kingston colonial house

The 1,491-square-foot interior includes hardwood floors, Shaker-style paneling and trim, coffered ceilings, and bay windows. Overall, things don’t appear too disheveled, but expect to put some serious time into the staircase…

kingston colonial house

…as well as the kitchen. Flooring, walls, windows, and all you can see will need a facelift.

There are three bedrooms on offer here, plus a walk-up attic, a basement, and crawl-space storage under the basement.

kingston colonial house kingston colonial house

While the yard isn’t much more than a postage stamp, there’s enough room for some garden beds, and the existing sheds provide space to store your outdoor furniture and gear.

Now, you might be tempted to scoop up this $100K property, give it a cheap flip that includes copious amounts of grey, and plop it back on the market, ready to turn a profit. Consider this, instead: Buy it, fix it up, and live in it. Send your kids to school (Kingston High School is a half-mile from here), contribute to the economy, and become a part of the community. Just a thought.

kingston colonial house

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