Stylize this Affordable Kingston, NY House, $145K

  |  January 1, 2020
kingston house

This cute Kingston house with three bedrooms could be even cuter with some interior improvements.

With just over 1,100 square feet, this home is best suited for a singleton, couple, or small family. Furthermore, we suspect it will look much more open and inviting once it’s been de-cluttered and given a thorough re-painting…

kingston house

…and some refinishing or polishing of the hardwood floors.

kingston house

The home’s galley kitchen is large with high ceilings and plenty of light but suffers from a shortage of counter space…

kingston house

…and, in the master bedroom, you might want to consider adding a closet or turning one of the three bedrooms into a massive walk-in closet.

kingston house

There is a fenced-in backyard with a deck off of the kitchen, and some tasteful landscaping could make it feel more spacious and tidy.

Before you start perusing paint samples, a note on the location: It’s situated in downtown Kingston, close to hotspots like the Beverly Lounge, the Anchor, and UPAC, surrounded by the remnants of city’s industrial past now home to a flourishing creative community. We like the neighborhood, but keep in mind that the view from your yard is the parking lot across the street, and railroad tracks will be one of your next-door neighbors. If you long for a natural setting, we suggest looking outside of downtown Kingston.

kingston house

Got plans for this three-bedroom Kingston house? Find out more about 116 Smith Avenue, Kingston, NY from Murphy Realty Group

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