A Kingston Two-Story House Where the Rondout and Hudson Meet, $345K

This Kingston two-story house is situated in a hidden community of riverside homes…

Two-family residences aren’t something we normally choose for our real estate listing picks. However, this particular two-family residence in Kingston is just too good to pass up.

For starters, it’s situated in full view of the Hudson River, and that’s the type of view that’s not so easy to find anymore. Secondly, it’s in great shape with a full one-bedroom apartment on both the first and second floors. Not interested in renting it out? Make one a guest apartment, turn it into a fully-functioning studio/office, or make the kids live up there and start paying rent once they’re old enough to get jobs (if that sounds too harsh, then you probably don’t have teenagers).

Regardless of what you choose to do with it, both apartments are flooded with light and come with hardwood floors. The second floor apartment can be accessed by a separate entrance and has the bedroom (which is HUGE, but the way) located on the second floor up the spiral stairs.

kingston two-story

Finally, we love this listing because of its setting. It’s situated in a small neighborhood of gorgeous homes across the Rondout Creek from Kingston’s downtown/East Strand block. Look straight ahead, and there’s the Hudson. Look left, and there’s the Rondout Creek. Best of both worlds.

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