This Week on Upstater: Ringing in Spring with Beautiful Yards and Landscaping

  |  April 2, 2018

As spring moves in, let’s enjoy some top-notch yards during Landscaping Week on Upstater…

Happy Monday, Upstaters! It’s April 2nd, 2018, and from where we’re sitting, snow is falling onto the ground in big, fluffy flakes. Hardly the spring renewal scene we’d hoped for at this point in the year, but it’s coming. You can feel it when the sun comes out. You can smell it on the breeze. Spring is coming, and with it, flowers, green grass, and the desire to sit outside in your private yard oasis and soak it all in.

landscaping week

That’s exactly what we’re celebrating this week on Upstater: the inevitable arrival of spring. And, we’re celebrating the way we celebrate everything around here, and that’s by posting some or our favorite residential real estate listings currently on the market in the Hudson Valley and Catskills.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of landscaping and yard eye candy, or you’re seriously considering purchasing a home in the Upstater area. If you’re into beautiful yards, you’re going to love what we have to offer all week long.

Stay tuned…

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