Leaf-Peep at High Point Meadows in Olivebridge, $300/night

  |  October 7, 2014
high points meadow olivebridge ny

Peak color in the Catskills may have been reached last weekend, according to the North Country Gazette, but there’s still plenty of vibrancy to behold up here in the mountains. And as the cooler weather starts to roll in with earnestness, we’re dreaming of cozy cabins with wood stoves surrounded by bright orange, red, and yellow leaves gently falling to the ground. Then again, we’re almost always dreaming of that during the fall, and High Point Meadows in Olivebridge is just the kind of place we picture when we allow ourselves such flights of fancy. Our love of floor to ceiling windows is certainly no secret, so that was the first thing that jumped out at us when we saw this place. Inside, the ceilings are high, there’s a wood stove in the living room, and it’s got a 400 square foot deck. Plus, the master bedroom has its own little balcony. Sleeps plenty with 3 bedrooms (both have queen beds) and a bunk bed for the kids. Weekend rates are 2 night min. and $300/night. Weekday rates are $200/night but 3 night min. Lots of availability so far from this month through January 2015. High Point Meadows is down near the southern edge of the Ashokan Reservoir in Ulster County. Quite frankly, it’s an ideal location for a getaway, since it’s close to some good stuff, like Phoenicia, the Emerson Spa, and all kinds of good places to eat. Our recs: Winchell’s Pizza (GMAP) and the Pine View Bakery (GMAP). We think they’re worth a pretty drive around to the other side of the reservoir.

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High Point Meadows, Olivebridge (Red Cottage Inc.)

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