Let the Apple Growing Season Commense! Celebrate it at Angry Orchard!


Kick-off the growing season right with a big ol’ shebang at Angry Orchard’s Innovation Cider House this Saturday from 12-3pm in Walden! We’re down with any excuse to drink hard cider–no matter how far fetched–but this one seems pretty legit. There’s not much we love more than drinking sweet Hudson Valley nectar but filling up on juicy, slow roasted pork comes in at a close second. And get this, the Orchard Kick-Off Party has a whole mess of it. You’ve heard of beer-b-ques? Well this is a cider-b-que, complete with a crackling pig roast! Nothing says summer like a whole hog that’s been roasted over an open flame. Oh, and if you’re still hungry, they’ll have two food trucks for you to satisfy your culinary desires. For $25 you get to enjoy succulent roasted pork, BBQ from Amuzae, samples of cider only available onsite and live music! We’re not trying to tell you how to spend your weekend but buying tickets to this cider party sounds like a pretty good idea. You might want to do it quick. The second session has already sold out.  Snatch up your tickets here!

About Sam Benedict

Sam was born and raised in the Hudson Valley. She attended college in New York City, lived in Italy, and drove across the country. She came full circle, and now lives in Middletown, right where she started. In her free time, Sam loves to cook and eat her way through the many restaurants the Hudson Valley has to offer.

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