It’s Lift-Off for NYS MAP

  |  July 9, 2014

Will the plan just launched by New York’s AG help families in the state avoid foreclosure? Long Island’s about to find out, since the New York State Mortgage Assistance Program (NYS MAP) will be rolled out there first starting in September, according to an article in Oneonta’s The Daily Star. The program, which is part of the Homeowner Protection Program and will provide small loans to homeowners facing foreclosure, will then becoming available to the rest of the state beginning October 15th. A variety of mini-loans designed to help homeowners pay off past mortgage balances, unpaid interest, fees, liens, second and third mortgages, etc. For some folks facing the nightmare of losing their homes, a NYS MAP loan could make all the difference in the world. According to a press release issued by the AG’s office, ““We know that our Homeowner Protection Program has had real results, helping thousands of families keep their homes. I’m pleased to announce that the Mortgage Assistance Program will go even further, providing a lifeline to families still in need.” Check out the official NYS MAP website for more information on the program.

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