Live in Rhinecliff, Walk to Amtrak Part II, $389,000

  |  March 26, 2015
72 orchard st rhinecliff ny2


Check out the Rhinecliff property we posted about yesterday. We’re back today because we found this Colonial as we were buttoning up yesterday’s post, and we like this one so much more! Yes, it’s a darn sight pricier, but there’s just more house to this one, including a kitchen we could film a cooking show in. Its history lies in its details (built-ins, farmhouse-style doors, plank floors, stone walls) so it’s up to you to bring in as much modernity as you want. The listing is just a few days old, so it’s not even on the broker’s website yet. Does that mean the price could some down? Anything’s possible, but we don’t see a lot of houses this nice stay on the Rhinecliff market for long.


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72 Orchard Drive, Rhinecliff (HH Hill Realty) GMAP

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