Live Like Royalty For the Weekend at a French Palace in Saugerties

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Enchanting and Romantic French Room in Saugerties via

Price/Night: $300

Accommodations: Private Room

Max Guests: 2

Min Stay: 2 nights

Need a weekend of luxury? Well we’ve got the place. This rental in Saugerties will make you feel like royalty and it won’t break the bank either. Not only does it look like Louis the XIV’s digs but it’s actually authentic with 18th-century paneling from a French chateau, a Czech chandelier, and a 19th-century gilded French bed. OK, the estate wasn’t actually built until the 1920’s but this is as close as it comes on this side of the pond.

The private room, better known as the Chateau Room, has it’s own private entrance, bathroom and garage for those of you who like some privacy. Don’t you just want to wake up late in that perfectly regal bed and then enjoy a freshly baked croissant at the marble cafe table in your room? We do. We also want to lounge in a pool floaty and relax in the super elegant pool right outside the French doors. And get this, it has spectacular views of the Catskill Mountains. The only thing this rental is missing is Francis, your French butler.

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