Live/Work on Main Street in Germantown, $995,000

  |  March 15, 2016
212 main st germantown ny

A while back, we featured Otto’s Market in Germantown, a cute little foodie mart in a quiet, rural Hudson Valley village in Columbia County. Well, it turns out that Otto also owns Germantown Variety, a throwback five-and-dime that sells all the non-food items that Otto can’t fit in his store across the street. And, yep, Germantown Variety is also for sale, and the adorable country store surprisingly includes two very chic loft living spaces as well as an office suite and walk-out basement. Looking to start an empire of country stores in Germantown? That might bit of an exaggeration, but this is the stuff of Hudson Valley dreams and the reason why people like us keep obsessing over the listings.

The general store includes 7400 square feet of space with property taxes estimated around $6500/year. Don’t worry; we’re sure you’ll make up for those reasonable property taxes with a million-billion other taxes and fees just for starting a business. But, there’s no getting around the charm of both the store and the surroundings.

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212 Main Street, Germantown (Patricia A. Hinkein Realty)

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