Log Cabin Chalet on 8 Acres near Liberty, $119,000

  |  November 24, 2015
37 Midway, Liberty NY

From the side: A log cabin. From the front: An A-Frame chalet. No matter how you look at it, this diminutive cottage is a bargain and a half. Small though it may be, the cottage doesn’t lack for land. It’s got 7.92 acres of it, in fact, located off of Route 52 in the Sullivan County town of Liberty. The cabin itself is 810 sq. ft. in size and comes with 2 beds/1 bath, picture windows, a wood stove, and a kitchen that could use a makeover. We’re digging the deck, which adds an extra living space when weather permits. NYC is 2 hours away but the locale tucked away on a private road. Last year’s taxes came out under $4000/year. If you don’t mind a project, this could be your upstate decampment.

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37 Midway, Liberty (Barbanti Group)

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