Longing for a Lake House in the Catskills? Put it in Writing

  |  December 1, 2016

Here’s something intriguing: Instead of listing their Sullivan County lakefront home on the market, entrepreneurs Andrew Bares and Kelly Lavorgna decided to give it away in exchange for two hundred words.

The essay contest asks participants to answer the question:

“How would owning the Lakefront Dream Home change your life?”

Sounds simple, no? Not so fast. The essay contest comes with a $149 entrance fee, a portion of which will be donated to two charitable organizations, Girls Inc., and the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

According to a press release from Bares and Lavorgna, “When people enter the contest they choose the charity they would like to receive $5 of their $149 entry fee. Once the contest reaches 5,500 entries, $10 of the entry fees will go to charity.

For more information on the lake house, which is located in the town of Bethel (the home of Woodstock ’69) in the western Catskills, read about it here.

Meanwhile, the lake house is a 2 bedrooms/1 bath log lodge-style home with a deck and a location perfect for outdoors enthusiasts.

Entries accepted until midnight, January 31st, 2017.

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