Loving the Lace Mill

  |  April 12, 2017

We’ve spoken a lot about the benefits of co-working, co-housing, co-agriculture and co-ops as an alternative community structure, and we’re heading back to the Lace Mill to peek into some of the galleries and living spaces there. RUPCO has done a great job protecting the artist and creative class of Kingston, and these spaces are dedicated to the underserved communities of artists. RUPCO is planning on expanding, and creating another similar warehouse-style loft livingspace, and in the meantime supports current residents and the entire arts community of Midtown through MAD Kingston. So keep your eyes open, and take a peek into the lives and workspaces of working artists:

Chelsea Culpepper, Aaron Lockhart and Daniel Cardenas in Chelsea’s apartment, where they often work and collaborate.

The Boiler Room, which is surrounded by gallery walls and art in the foyer.

Felix Olivieri’s art, including a bleeding heart robot costume he made for his son and 3D busts of him and a friend.

All photographs taken by Deborah DeGraffenreid

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