The Custom Wood Flooring from LV Wood Will Make You Want to Redo Your Floors ASAP

  |  October 20, 2020

LV Wood European Oak East Branch. Photo courtesy of LV Wood.

When you enter a space for the first time, what catches your eye? Is it the furniture, textiles, or lighting fixtures? You’re not alone if you say it’s not the floors.

“Sometimes wood flooring is kind of overlooked as a major design element, but truthfully it’s the only part of your home that you touch every single day by the simple nature of walking over it,” says James Caroll II, Principal for LV Wood, a manufacturer and supplier of high-end wood flooring and surfaces.

“More and more, people are understanding the importance of using natural materials in the design of their homes, and wood is one of the most sustainable, beautiful, and versatile natural materials that we have available to us,” he says. “Frank Lloyd Wright wrote that ‘Wood is universally beautiful to man’ and is ‘the most humanly intimate of all materials.’ This has been our guiding principle as a company for over 30 years.”

LV Wood Heritage Hickory. Photo courtesy of LV Wood.

LV Wood’s products are certainly all three of those things: sustainable, beautiful, and versatile. The company sources its raw materials like walnut, white oak, hickory, and maple from North America and completes all finishing in the US (with the exception of its Euro Oak line, a nod to the company’s roots as an importer of Italian wood flooring). Its seven lines currently run the gamut from reclaimed agricultural and industrial oak to highly customizable and handmade solid wood planks to more stable engineered wood floors.

While LV Wood has many products in stock, the firm’s more curated offerings—the Bespoke and Patina lines—are ready to head out into the world after a lead time of about 6 weeks and allow clients to make refinements to everything from the wood’s color and finish to its sizing, surface texture, and pattern (herringbone and chevron, Caroll notes, are both quite popular right now).

LV Wood Metro Plank Hudson. Photo courtesy of LV Wood.

The company’s beautifully designed floors and surfaces—from walls to counters, bars, and trim—can be found in residential, commercial, and institutional settings worldwide, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC.

LV Wood Heritage Hickory. Photo courtesy of LV Wood.

Upstate, LV Wood’s touch can be found at the Rivertown Lodge in Hudson, which is outfitted with Euro Oak floors, and at Old Souls and Barber & Brew, the Cold Spring storefronts Caroll and his wife and LV Wood’s CFO, Tara, have opened in the years since they moved there in 2012.

Outside of a sighting in the wild, a trip to the New York City showroom or requesting samples by mail are the easiest ways to get acquainted with LV Wood’s offerings. In fact, Caroll insists that sampling be the first step of every project the team undertakes. “Wood will always look different when standing in our showroom than in your cabin in the woods or penthouse in the city,” he says. “It’s important to get those samples into the space and see how they read in the light where they will eventually be installed.”

LV Wood NYC Flagship. Photo courtesy of LV Wood.

In addition to the architecture and design trades, LV Wood works directly with home and business owners across the country and can supply the right materials for any kind of project, residential or commercial. They can also recommend contractors from their nationwide network when supplying floors in far-flung destinations such as the Mountain West or California. “We like to be approachable to every budget and make the process as simple as possible from start to finish,” says Caroll. “And we believe that natural materials like wood flooring are a major part of health and wellness in your home.”

Now through November 1, LV Wood is offering up to 25% off select materials as part of its Fall Sale.

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