‘Made+Collected’ by the Hudson River Exchange Launches this month

  |  June 8, 2018

Creative collective Hudson River Exchange invites you to flip through the pages of Made+Collected to find your friendly neighborhood artist or artisan…

Focused on supporting the Hudson Valley’s creative economy, Made+Collected is an annual publication (yes, the print kind) that provides a go-to directory for those looking to hire creatives in the Hudson Valley.

However, that’s only part of Made+Collected’s purpose. It also collects Hudson Valley-based health and wellness stories, serves as a catalogue of products from HRE’s Summer Market and Take Care Fair, and offers advertising opportunities to like-minded businesses, according to Hudson River Exchange co-founder and executive editor of Made+Collected Stella Yoon.

Made+Collected was born of the need for a single source of information for those creating, and those looking for creators.

“People are always asking us for recommendations—like who does our accounting? Who did we work with on a certain project? Do we know anyone that would be good for…fill in the blank,” said Yoon. “It made sense to create a space to showcase all the talented people we knew, and we hoped that this project would help us meet more creatives.”

Indeed, it did, and now, Yoon “can’t wait to continue to meet fellow creatives and grow Made+Collected.” Why?

“Because creativity loves company,” she explained.

Made+Collected will have a run of 1,500 copies, and it launches at Summer Market Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24. It will also be available at select locations around the Hudson Valley for free, or available online for $5. Additionally, businesses will be able to order multiple copies, and readers can find out locations that will stock the publication, all through Made+Collected’s website.

Find out more at www.madeandcollected.com. If you’re interested in advertising in Made+Collected, message info@madeandcollected.com, or call 518.308.8752

For more information on Hudson River Exchanges upcoming markets like the Summer Market and the Take Care Fair, as well as events, workshops, and storefront hours, visit www.hudsonriverexchange.com, or get to know the HRE here on Upstater.com

About Hudson River Exchange

In the five years since its debut market, Hudson River Exchange has expanded to offer year-round programming to the growing creative community. Now at the helm, co-founders Stella Yoon and Katherine Moore strive to help artists like themselves collaborate and connect. Their headquarters, in Hudson’s historic downtown, is part retail space part community center, hosting monthly trunk-shows for featured sellers, as well as workshops to help entrepreneurs make the leap from hobbyists to small business owners. HRE is proud to play an integral role in Hudson’s diverse creative economy, and thrilled to see so many indie businesses flourishing outside of an urban center.

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