Mansard Victorian with Seven Bedrooms in Coxsackie Village, $225,000

  |  April 1, 2016
7 ely street coxsackie ny

There’s no way we could bid farewell to Greene County (for now) without popping in to see what’s on the market in the village of Coxsackie. Right off the bat, we found this 7 bedroom/3 bath mini-mansion (if you can call 3200 square feet “mini”) right near the waterfront park in Coxsackie’s historic district.

The listing leans heavily using this place as a B&B, and we can see it, given the size of the number of bedrooms. But only 3 baths? Maybe that’s not enough. Either way, the interior is resplendent with dark wood floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances, living room fireplace, and high ceilings. And, Coxsackie is one of our favorite places, as we’ve mentioned before. What’s not to like?

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7 Ely Street, Coxsackie (Heart Land Realty)

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