Looking for a Writer’s Cottage in the Catskills? Here’s One for $95K

  |  April 5, 2019

What makes this Margaretville cottage a writer’s cottage? Solitude, for starters, as well as coziness. 

But, really, all it takes is a writer to make a cottage a writer’s cottage. Even if you’re not a writer but love the idea of a little place in the woods just big enough for you (and maybe one other person, if it suits you), this cottage is perfect for you.

The interior is a compact 480 square feet in size, so, it won’t surprise you to learn that there’s a lot of space-sharing happening here, but the wood stove helps keep every inch warm…

…and, the kitchen includes handmade cabinetry.

Turn the second bedroom into a writing room, library, painting, craft room, or absurdly large dressing room and walk-in closet for your fabulous threads.

When you’re not cranking out your magnum opus on your portable Remington Rand, you can chill on the deck and attached front porch and enjoy the lush, .64-acre property. Walk into Margaretville just steps away for shops and food, or explore the rest of the Catskill Mountains in your own back yard. That should give you something to write home about.

margaretville cottage

Ready for some creative alone time in this Margaretville cottage? Find out more about 94 Deer Lane, Margaretville from Coldwell Banker

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