Modern Home + Potential Studio/Workshop in Hudson City, $299,000

  |  May 29, 2017

Located up the hill from Hudson’s bustling Warren Street, this property consists of a Minimalist two-bedroom cottage as well as a 1600 square foot barn awaiting transformation into a workshop or an art, yoga, or music studio.

The 1320 square foot home includes two bedrooms, two full baths, and lots of light. Also comes with a modern stainless steel kitchen, separate dining room, wood floors, high ceilings, and a clean, contemporary style that’s perfect for those who like their lives blissfully uncluttered.

Even if you’re not in the market for a studio/workshop, the barn’s got potential for a guesthouse, or an enormous storage space to hide all the things in your life that belie your attraction to Minimalism.

Note that the listing price is much lower than you might find right for something comparable on Warren Street in Hudson. If you’re willing to look off the main drag around town, you might stumble upon a hidden bargain.

960 Columbia Street, Hudson (Peggy Polenberg Real Estate)

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