Nasty Drew & That Harder Boy: The Mystery of the Family Jewels


Someone has stolen Lady Dubois’ family jewels. A crew of scantily clad strippers will seek to uncover the mystery as they discover clues and suspects in order to find the thief.

This scripted burlesque performance was written and produced by Chris Harder of Hung With Care, Big Gay Hudson Valley’s annual burlesque cabaret. Cast members include Chris Harder, Nasty Canasta, Fancy Feast, Ben Franklin, Honey Davenport, Pearls Daily, Bastard Keith, and Fifi DuBois.

Presented by Big Gay Hudson Valley and, this traveling burlesque group comes to the Hudson Valley — on Friday, April 15 at Canvas in Poughkeepsie, on Saturday April 16 at the Rosendale Theatre, and at Club Helsinki in Hudson on Sunday, April 17. Tickets are on sale for $20.

About Diana Waldron

Diana Waldron is a writer and musician currently living in the Hudson Valley. Her time spent living in Peru and journeying through the Amazon Rainforest has deeply transformed her life. Most of her time is devoted to learning and playing the Indian sitar. She also enjoys exploring new areas of the Mohonk Preserve whenever she can.

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