Nerd Alert: There’s a Dr. Who-themed Cafe in Beacon

  |  August 15, 2014
exploding tardis

Photo by Jen Mangione

Whovians and parents of Whovians, do I have your attention? The Pandorica touts itself as the only Dr. Who-themed restaurant in Dutchess County, and indeed, it is true. We checked. Nope, no other Dr. Who-themed restaurants in Dutchess County. The Beacon-based, Time Lord-friendly eatery just opened its doors back in July with a big cosplay party and is serving up Whovian fare. Expect plenty of Who-flare, like TARDIS doors and series artwork, and yes, fish fingers and custard are on the menu. We also have it on good authority that the restaurant’s owner is as nice as can be and would love to talk Who with you. With the Dr. Who season 8 premiere right around the corner complete with shiny new Doctor, will there be a screening at The Pandorica? We sure hope so. If you go, just remember: Whatever happens during your afternoon teatime, DON’T BLINK.


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