New Shmancy Hotel for Sullivan County (Psst: It’s Gay Marriage-friendly!)

  |  August 7, 2012

Well, we think it’s Shmancy. The Sullivan County Real Estate blog reported that a Sullivan County hotel opened in Rock Hill, where an old lodge used to be. The Sullivan is a boutique hotel, 70 rooms on 55 acres, with two restaurants: Bernie’s, an Asian-American steakhouse, and The Crust — you guessed it, pizza.

We can’t show you how sleek it purports to be, because the only pictures on their site are generic pictures of happy couples, silky sheets and mountain views. Shucks. But we did notice this interesting tidbit in the weddings section: they have His-Hers, His-His and Hers-Hers wedding packages. Adds to the already growing reputation of the Catskills as a gay-friendly destination.

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