From the New York Times: Unclebrother Hancock NY Shines During its Sophomore Season

  |  September 19, 2017
unclebrother hancock ny

Unclebrother Hancock NY via FB

It’s the kind of a quintessential Catskills-revitalization success story we love here at Upstater: Unclebrother eatery in the Delaware County village of Hancock, which recently received a nod from the New York Times. Owners Gavin Brown, 53, a New York gallery owner, and artist Rirkrit Tiravanija transformed 250 East Front Street Hancock, a decrepit former auto dealership, into a spacious canteen/gallery with copious outdoor seating thanks the building’s showroom open to a patio. Unclebrother opened last summer and just closed up shop after a swinging season this year. Fare on the menu included country fried steak, pork tacos, gazpacho, beef short ribs, salads, desserts, vegetarian dishes, and rice and curry, a menu item offered free of charge

The NYT allays our obvious fears:

“But lest you go fantasizing that a mob of Brooklyn foodie hipsters has taken over some poor unsuspecting town, remember: This is the Catskills, which has long offered New Yorkers a low-key, low-maintenance alternative to the high-profile, high-priced playgrounds of the Hamptons. Here in Delaware County, which is larger than all of Long Island, four people is a scene.

If you missed Unclebrother this year, start making your plans for summer 2018. It will be here before you know it…

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