Rehab-Ready Newburgian Brick Home, $145K

  |  December 31, 2019
newburgh brick

Spend the new year transforming this turn-of-the-century Newburgh brick house back into the beauty it once was.

Newburgh, NY is the place to look if you’re into renewing old Victorian architecture. In fact, the Orange County city on the Hudson River is all about renewal these days, so get in on the ground floor while you still can.

newburgh brick

Speaking of ground floors, let’s take the tour of this c.1900, three-story, three-bedroom home that occupies nearly the entire northwest corner of 3rd and Chambers Streets. Imagine refinishing the big, wrap-around front porch that takes you to double transom doors…

newburgh brick

…and into the first-floor center hall with the original wood staircase, hardwood floors, high ceilings, and moldings.

newburgh brick

It’s evident that the 2,015-square-foot abode is rough around the edges, in need of paint, floor refinishing, trim repair, and maybe some new doors and windows. Whether or not it’s livable renovations are under way, that’s between you and the realtor.

newburgh brick newburgh brick

According to the listing, the third-floor attic is suitable for “storage,” which leads us to believe that, if you want to make this a usable room, there’s going to be work involved.

Needed improvement aside, this is a show-stopper building situated mere steps from Newburgh’s many cafes, galleries, boutiques, and other independent and family-owned businesses. Here’s a novel suggestion: Don’t flip this residence. Live here, instead.

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