Newburgh Walking Tour

  |  March 15, 2013

Recently, on Newburgh Restoration, we have added some new writers. New writers equals fresh perspectives of an old subject. Mike Rizzo recently has been making many trips to Newburgh after discovering the blog Newburgh Restoration. He is in the process of closing on his own home in the heights neighborhood. He also went around other neighborhoods in the City, canvassing the architecture and discovering his own gems. These are his photos and what he saw visiting Newburgh.


Here on Upstater, I try to balance out the gritty attention-lacking real estate with the grand old ladies that might not need any work at all. It is my hope that others will also discover Newburgh and contribute to the revitalization.


There are certainly many different styles available for different tastes.


Newburgh is a walkable city. Liberty Street is seeing a resurgence in shops. Just last year we saw the opening of a record shop, tattoo parlor and brewery! Just a few years ago the buildings above looked very different. Now the area is seeing a new breath of life.


The East Parmenter Street Neighborhood is currently undergoing phase 3 of 5. Before, the area surrounding these streets used to be a scary alleyway known as “the gut”. Things here have really changed. This neighborhood is in walking distance to Liberty Street and Washington’s Headquarters.


Visiting Newburgh for the first time can be a bit shocking. The City is a bit empty. But dig deeper, walk around. You will see there is so much beauty to be found.

All photos © Mike Rizzo

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