Vintage Firehouse in North Branch, NY, $434,500

  |  September 16, 2020
north branch firehouse

Make this North Branch firehouse from the 1940s the coolest live/work space (or just live space) in the Catskill Mountains. 

The hamlet of North Branch in western Sullivan County, NY isn’t what you’d consider a bustling metropolis. Then again, if you’re looking for property in the Catskills, chances are, “bustling metropolis” isn’t really what you’re looking for, anyway. That makes this locale a perfect candidate for Upstater’s hidden gems week, and with it comes this 4,320-square-foot firehouse waiting to be repurposed.

north branch firehouse

Loft-like with high ceilings and open spaces, the firehouse’s second floor ideal as a dance or art studio, or built out as a loft apartment…

north branch firehouse

…with wood floors throughout and arts-and-crafts wood staircase.

north branch firehouse

The ground floor/garage level could use your creative vision to transform it into something less utilitarian, but the potential for use as a residence or workspace is apparent.

north branch firehouse

Also included on the quarter-acre lot is an antique red barn ripe for renovation, as well as a metal outbuilding built in 2008.

north branch firehouse

Artists and creative-types requiring a studio or workshop could turn the second floor into a residence while keeping the first level as a studio space. You’ll find all the peace and quiet here in bucolic North Branch to spark creativity. Pun intended.

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