Not Three, Not Four, But Five Bedrooms in this Gracious Coxsackie Victorian, $249,900

  |  June 14, 2017

If you’re thinking of taking a drive through the riverfront village of Coxsackie in Greene County, prepare to go reeeeeeeeal slow. Otherwise, you might suffer whiplash from turning your head a million times to catch a glimpse of that Victorian, or that one! Oooh, or that Italianate there! Oh, did you see that Gothic Victorian? This turn-of-the-century Victorian is just such a head-turner with all the frills and finery you’d expect to find on the facade.

Inside, the frills continue with gingerbread-house wood trim, arched entryways, and a decidedly Craftsman-like staircase with oak paneling. In fact, you can see where the Craftsman sensibility started to blend with Victorian styles in the wood trim, window frames, and softwood floors all over the inside of this 2500 square foot house.

And, like a lot of Victorians, it’s divided up into many rooms, nooks, and crannies. However, the first floor provides an open-ish flow between living room/sitting room/dining room/kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, it’s been fully modernized with stainless steel and marble backsplash. Also includes stained glass and bay windows as well as a full basement. The 1.5 acres village lot is walking distance to schools, the waterfront park, and village businesses.

39 Washington Avenue, Coxsackie (RealtyUSA) 


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