Now Everybody Knows About Bungalow Colonies

  |  August 5, 2013


After collecting information about bungalow colonies in upstate New York for 12 years (well, the first 10 included a failed attempt to visit one for sale and then a lot of daydreaming about them), we shared it with the world via this New York Times article. Part of the impetus for the piece was to encourage friends and relatives to join us in buying and refurbishing an old colony, or buying into one that’s humming along nicely already. We probably made both of those things a little harder by alerting several million real estate-hungry middle class New Yorkers to their existence.

The folks who started Buffalo Colony — they did exactly as we dreamed: bought one, made it co-op and convinced other families to join in — wrote in to share with us this piece they penned years ago in New York magazine about the experience. Good fodder for those of you who share our bungalow colony dream.

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