From the NYT & Gothamist: An Eye-Opening Look the 2016 NY Primary Winners, and Some Good News on Brunch

  |  April 20, 2016
1873 beers map of nys via wiki

1873 Beers Map of New York State via Wikipedia

We try not to get too political here on Upstater. Ogling houses and dreaming is a bi-partisan pursuit, possibly one of the few left. However, we couldn’t help but pause and take note of the Primary results in the New York Times today, which you can look at here. Scroll down to the maps and note the colorful display, showing Trump sweeping the Republican primary and Sanders seemingly engulfing the Democratic save a few blue blotches here and there. Except Clinton won the Dem nominee in NY, as we all know by now. Here’s another fun fact: 857,250 Republicans cast votes while 1,790,083 Democratic ballets were cast in the state. That’s a big difference.

A lot of crazy voter-related issues have been flooding the news with regard to this primary. You can read about them here or here or here or here, so no need to rehash them for you. Instead, let’s turn our attention to this press-stopping item from NYS could be reconsidering its stance of booze sales before noon on Sundays, otherwise known as “blue laws,” an appropriate name for anyone who’s ever been bummed they couldn’t order an extra-spicy Bloody Mary at brunch, or needed grab a six-pack before the Sunday game and cookout. Oh, New York. You are full of surprises.

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