Next on Your Itinerary: Old Game Farm Glamping

  |  August 29, 2017
old game farm glamping

Feeling adventurous? Then we suggest an Old Game Farm glamping trip to give you something to talk about at your next dinner party.

If you recall, we recently devoted an entire week to glamping destinations in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, something we never thought we would do back when glamping was just a novelty for those who didn’t mind paying a bit more to sleep off the ground in a decent tent and all details (food, warmth, the ability to bathe) accounted for. Now, with the advent of sites like Tentrr, Hub, Glampinghub, and even Airbnb getting in the action, you can glamp all over the place while luxuriating in real beds, high quality tents, food storage, outdoor showers, firepits, and occasionally swimming holes. Add glamping at an abandoned zoo to the list, which is exactly what Catskill Game Farm glamping has to offer.

The Old Game Farm, located in the town of Catskill in Greene County, began life as the Catskill Game Farm when opened in 1993. For 73 years, it welcomed families to interact with thousands of animals that were kept in captivity over the decades, until it finally shuddered in 2012. The Old Game Farm was scooped up in 2015 by Ben and Cathy Bellone with its out buildings, animal enclosures, concession stands still on the property. Tentrr now offers two glamping sites on the Old Game Farm property, one in a wooded spot perfect for smaller groups, and the other perched on a high-up overlook suited for larger glamping groups. Both sites give glampers access to the trails around the Old Game Farm as well as the 100+ buildings on the 150 acre property.

The sites are available through, and you find out more about them at Each sites rents for $120/night. Lovers of Hudson Valley history and abandoned buildings might dig an Old Game Farm glamping experience. We sure would.

old game farm glamping

We know you want to sleep here…


old game farm glamping

…but you’ll be sleeping here, instead.

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