One Weekend Left to Win!

  |  March 13, 2015
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Confession time – our work hours since March 3rd have been heavy on the food porn and light on the productivity. But can you really blame us? Post after tantalizing post of delectable dishes from Henry’s at the Farm, and we are now seriously reconsidering the rule we came up with at the outset that Upstater staff is not eligible to win our own monthly contests.

Whose brilliant idea was that?

Luckily, you are still quite eligible to win a $250 gift certificate to Henry’s, which gives us a great idea – from now on we’re delegating the food porn browsing to you, dear readers. So don’t forget to cast your vote before the polls close at midnight on March 17th, and in the meantime, we invite you to take on our incredible burden:


“Spring scallop dish! Black rice, charred carrots, grilled bok choy and pickled watermelon radishes with a ginger lemon grass beurre blanc!” Photo source:


“The Millstone Strawberry Mojito….made with Strawberry Jam from our own strawberries, as well as our own Millstone Farm Mint….” Photo source:


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Henry’s flatbread finished with a balsmaic reduction. Photo source:


“Come to Henry’s and try our Millstone Farm Apple Butter Bourbon Ball: Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Apple Butter from our Millstone Farm Orchard, a touch of Maple and a dash of Pastis, topped with Doc’s Draft Cider.” Photo source:


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