Only in Hudson

  |  June 18, 2014
david desantis

Olana Bench #2 by David DeSantis

What’s it been, five minutes since an article has been written about Hudson? In case you missed all of them, here are a few that made it onto our radar this week:

According to the Albany Business Review, Hudson has more self-employed workers than anywhere else in New York. Rate is at 9.96%, compared with Albany’s 5.5% (national average is 6.5%). What’s your secret, Hudson?

New York Spaces Mag gave the Columbia County city a nod, too, highlighting businesses like Swoon and Fish & Game, as well as the Hudson Opera House and Marina Abramovic’s incipient Institute of the Preservation of Performance Art.

And, finally, our favorite: Hudson blacksmith David DeSantis will be featured on the HGTV series “Genevieve’s Renovation” sometime in July. DeSantis’ blacksmith shop, Metal, is located on Warren Street. Where else in the HV can you pop over to your local ‘smith for some horseshoe repair right after your falafel lunch? Okay, more like super fancy metal furnishings, but still. Only in Hudson.

(Thanks, Belo3rd, for keeping us informed.)

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