Orange County Government Center Too Ugly? NYTimes Debates it

  |  April 13, 2012

We touched briefly on the beleaguered Orange County Government Center, located within an historical building enclave in the village of Goshen, in our Upstater: Destinations post last week. Designed by Brutalist architect Paul Rudolph, the building now leaks, some sections are in disrepair, and it doesn’t exactly fit in with its environs. But one thing is certain: People feel strongly about the blocky Brutalist building. So much so, that it recently made an appearance in the “Room For Debate” section of the NY Times. You can read what supporters and detractors alike think should happen to the government center right here.

What do you think of the Orange County Government Center? Should it be razed and built anew, in keeping with its Colonial, Italianate, and Federal-style neighbors? Or should it be preserved purely for its architectural significance?

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via Wikipedia

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