Peek Inside this Sullivan County Tudor-Style Cottage, $149,000

  |  June 17, 2015
488 Black Forest Rd glen spey ny

When it comes to residential design, Tudor-style is one of my least favorites. They always strike me as a little too corny, a little too stilted, and a little too incongruously English countryside for their surroundings (unless, of course, said Tudor-style is actually located in the English countryside, then by all means, Tudor it up!). So I almost blew right past this Tudor cottage in the wilds of Sullivan County…until something about it stopped me. That something was the listing description, which included the magic words “mid-century.” “FINE,” I said to myself. “I’ll look at the pictures.” What can I say? I’m a sucker. But not really, because look at the gorgeous interior. The wood paneling (I’ve made no secret about my ambivalence toward wood paneling) is just right, and the retro avocado-green appliances in the kitchen are just the dreamiest. It’s a small place (892 sq.ft.) but it sits on 6 acres of land that includes a pond and brook. And, it’s secluded. Such a cool treasure hiding in the thick woods of the Catskills. I’ll never poo-poo another Tudor again without looking inside first.

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488 Black Forest Road, Glen Spey (Eagle Valley Realty)

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