Perfect House Candidate #2: Mulberry Cottage

  |  December 12, 2012

This is actually our third peek at this house, and we hesitate to show it to you again because we’re starting to wonder if it should become Upstater’s new quarters.

Okay, it’s not perfect. It’s not the dream. We find it a little too renovated inside, wiped clean of what must have been at lease some eyebrow cottage charm. But the upside is that it’s clean and sunny and has an in-ground pool, 2.7 acres, four beds, three baths and 2,528 square feet. And it’s about equidistant to Hudson, with the Amtrak, or the Wassaic MetroNorth station — 30 minutes or so each way.

Last we looked, the price had dropped from $395,000 to $360,000. Now, it’s $295,000, and the owner is eager to sell. Taxes are estimated in the $7,000, which is an expense one could defray by renting the place out.

7548 Route 82, Pine Plains, NY. $360,000. GMAP.

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