Perfect House Candidate #4: Copake Lake House

  |  December 18, 2012

A continuation of last week’s search on behalf of a reader, who had requested a waterfront-ish house for less than 300,000, somewhere between Rhinebeck and Hillsdale, not too close to neighbors. Turns out: it’s hard to find.

This one, admittedly, does not meet all of the criteria. It is not less than $300,000 and it doesn’t have a tremendous amount of privacy — it’s hard to get lakefront property that doesn’t butt you up against your neighbors, unless it’s a private lake and then, well, you have that price point problem again.

Perfect House Candidate #4: Copake Lake House

This one, admittedly, is high, but it’s one of the interesting things about Copake Lake: there are $70,000 places and cheap lots next to million dollar pads. We suppose it’s getting very slowly gentrified. And, whatever your feelings about gentrification, one must admit that this is a handsome house — so handsome that its interiors have apparently been published, they say.

470 Lakeview Drive, Copake Lake. $795,000. Sotheby’s. GMAP.

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