Pine Bush Lodge, $189,000

  |  June 27, 2013

We seem to have happened upon an unwitting theme this week at Upstater. If you’re a half-glass-empty person, the theme is decay. If you err on the side of half-glass-full, the theme is potential. You’ll see some of both in this interesting property, a former lodge and summer camp with six beds, four baths (actually, 4.2 — explain!), and a total of almost 5,000 square feet. The building, which needs “major renovation,” sits on 30+ acres. Taxes are around $10,000, which is a lot when you’re spending less than two bills and need to sink a bunch more into it. It’s not a lot if you’re planning to subdivide, which is another option. We like the deck and the pool and the stone face, and think it would be cool to reinvigorate it rather than turn it into suburban tract housing, but we’re romantics that way.

Offered by Better Homes and Gardens/Rand Realty. More photos after the jump.

2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-8 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-7 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-6 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-5 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-4 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-3 2-Larson-Ln-Pine-Bush-NY-2

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