Brookside Cottage Needs Restoration, $99K

  |  March 7, 2020
port ewen colonial

Fixer-upper alert! This Port Ewen Colonial has managed to stay standing since 1785, and now, it needs renovation. 

And, not only has this 1,544-square-foot, two-bedroom home stuck around after all these years, it’s not a total shambles, which is high praise when we’re talking about homes for sale “as is.” The listing offers little in the way of specifics, but it does state that the roof is “decent,” so it’s got that going for it.

port ewen colonial

Let’s just assume that it needs everything. If that still doesn’t scare you away, it does come with some original details in tact, like the fireplace and plank flooring, as well as what looks relatively recently-installed hot water heater and boiler.

port ewen colonial port ewen colonial

Stone and brick structural elements likely helped keep this house standing for the past 235 years…

…and, the lot is nearly an acre in size, a mere stone’s throw from the Rondout Creek. Once you head north and cross the creek, you’ll be in Kingston, NY’s West Strand neighborhood, the perfect place to grab a bite to eat, have a drink, or park a boat at the marina.

Got what it takes to makeover this Port Ewen Colonial from 1785? Find out more about 502 Millbrook Drive, Connelly, NY from Charlet Wenzel Realty

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