East-of-Poughkeepsie Victorian with All the Room You Need, $365K

  |  July 24, 2018

This week on Upstater, we’re searching the listings in central Dutchess County. So far, if this Poughkeepsie four bedroom Victorian is any indication of what else is available, we like what we see…

And you will, too, especially if your tastes lean toward 4,956-square-foot homes with lots of bedrooms, lots of space, and lots of natural light. It just so happens that we like all of those things!

The Victorian fun starts with the wrap-around front porch…

…and continues inside with the living room/parlor, complete with crown moldings, hardwood floors, marble fireplace, and bay windows behind Hellenistic arches.

The formal dining room also has its own set of bay windows, along with a brick fireplace. Speaking of brick, you can see in the office and kitchen the openings for previous fireplaces, adding some history and character to the interior.

Includes four bedrooms and three full baths, including a master en suite bedroom. These bedrooms are huge, and there’s also an full, finished attic that could serve as an office, den, studio, additional bedroom, or guest room.

poughkeepsie four bedroom victorian

Situated  on an acre of land less than 10 minutes east of the Vassar College campus in Poughkeepsie’s Arlington community. The Metro-North station is about 10 minutes from here, as is the Mid-Hudson Bridge, and the nearest entrance onto the Taconic State Parkway is about 15 minutes away.

Anxious to learn the details of this Poughkeepsie four bedroom Victorian? Find out more about 18 Overlook Road, Arlington, NY from Renee Revson.

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