This Poughkeepsie Cottage is a Breath of Fresh Air, $325

  |  January 26, 2022

Seen enough grey interiors for today? Then take a foray into this Poughkeepsie split level ranch that’s full of midcentury charm. 

Real Talk: As frequent perusers of residential real estate listings, we pick up on certain interior trends. One such trend that seems relentless in its ubiquity is grey-scale. Grey-scale walls. Grey-scale floors. Grey-scale backsplashes. It crops up with exteriors, too. How many grey-scale houses are on your street right now? If any of them are about to be flipped or renovated in any way, I’ll bet you five bucks right now that it’s going to get painted grey. Or, as great twentieth-century poet Mick Jagger might say, “I see a red door and I want to paint it grey.”

After a while, we just want to see something that’s…not grey. Enter: This 1940s Ranch in Poughkeepsie, NY.

It’s not that it’s particularly fancy. As far as split-level ranch homes are concerned, it’s fairly standard: The living room, kitchen, and dining room are on the main floor. Above the main level are two more levels, with a level below the main level. But, what we like about this house is its simplicity, along with the fact that it’s been well-preserved and clearly cared-for over the past eighty-some-odd years. And, there’s hardly a splash of grey in sight.

The crisp-white 1,532-square-foot interior includes hardwood floors, a living room fireplace, arched entries, and bay windows…

While the kitchen is fairly no-frills, it’s spacious and functional…

…with the added bonus of an attached sun porch.

On the level above the living room are two of the home’s three bedrooms, plus a full bath with retro tiling. The attic is finished, making it another useable room, as is the basement, which includes a third bedroom and a half-bath.

Enjoy playing in the dirt? The big backyard provides a place to do just exactly that, alongside already-established gardens full of colorful blooms.

Come spring, there won’t be anything grey about this fenced-in yard.

Ready to give your grey-weary retinas a rest by looking into this Poughkeepsie split level? Find out more about 73 S. Randolph Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY from BHHS Hudson Valley

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