Presidents’ Day Rentals in Hunter, NY

  |  February 9, 2012

Hunter is unusual for upstate New York real estate in that its high season is winter, but we noticed an abundance of properties still available for the holiday weekend. We’ve cherry-picked a few that we think Upstater readers might like.

Private Inn
14 Beds
7 baths, 2 half-baths
Sleeps: 40
$1000/night or $10,000/week
Hot tub, pool, volleyball court, game room, bar
Note: all five-star reviews on HomeAway. More expensive than the other rental that sleeps 40 (below), but a pretty amazing place for a group.


Cathedral Ceiling Ski House
3 Beds
3 Baths
Sleeps: 10
$1800/wk or $5,000/day
Game room and Internet
Note: only one review, but very positive; looks better on the inside than the outside. No hot tub, sigh.

Hunter Farm House
11 Beds
4 Baths
Sleeps: 40
$750 – $1000/night; $7000/week
Three acres, double stove, satellite TV
Notes: No hot tub here, either. Low ceilings, but that could be part of the charm. A very cheap getaway if you manage to fill it with 30 friends.


The Little Train Station at Hunter
6 Beds
3 Baths
Sleeps: 22
$500 – $1,200/night
Hot tub, outdoor fireplace, many fine summer amenities (including inflatable water slide)
Note: mixed reviews on HomeAway, including an odd response from the owner. But some really positive.


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