Quaint Stone House Centrally Located in Saugerties, $159,000

  |  July 22, 2015

TeetselFinding an affordable stone home is no easy task, especially in a great area. Nor do they usually look this cute; something about low hanging roofs makes me audibly “aww.” The perfect symmetry and matching stone wall do the same. I imagine Disney-esque song birds and animals running in and out the cyan front door. Inside the place sports new electric, new heating, new flooring, new windows, new appliances, new, new, new. The neighbors seem pretty close unfortunately, but a fence and plant life seem to offer necessary privacy. Nestled just outside the Village of Saugerties and within walking distance of a laundry list of locales including: the public library, schools, parks, beaches and the wealth of arts and culture Saugerties has to offer.

Teetsel 5 Teetsel 4 Teetsel 3 Teetsel 6

23 Teetsel St, Saugerties, NY (Ulster County Board of Realtors)


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