Queen Victorian + Barn Art Studio in Jeffersonville, Sullivan Co.,$169,000

  |  January 27, 2017

For our final foray into artsy small towns in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, we’re disembarking the train in the Sullivan County village of Jeffersonville, population 359. Jeffersonville isn’t an art gallery destination, per se, but it does have the Janice Center, which offers classes in visual arts, music, and dance, and the Eddie Adams Workshop, a photography workshop offering professional instruction to hand-picked student photographers. There are also plenty of places to buy antiques and various treasures, if your artistic endeavors include making your home your canvass.

Jeffersonville also has this appealing turn-of-the-century Victorian at a listing price that makes it hard to look away. We’re further intrigued by the interior, which is swimming in period Victorian details like woodworking, door transoms, stained and etched glass, plaster walls, high ceilings, and hardwood floors. Don’t forget to look up while you’re in the kitchen or you’ll miss the pressed tin ceilings.

While the house is comfortable enough, space-wise, to fit a family’s needs (1600 sq. ft. and includes 4 beds/1.5 baths, so not nearly enough baths), this is no sprawling manse to attend. Sits on about an acre of land, which seems like just enough land to us. Property’s fenced, too.

The icing on the cake is that this place includes a barn, which is the perfect spot to make your art studio. In fact, it’s already been done for you on the second floor, which is fully insulated and comes with baseboard heat. There’s woodstove on the first floor of the barn.

What else can we say? If you’re trying to buy a home in the Catskills that comes with a studio or extra workspace/potential guesthouse without going broke in the process, you’d be daft not to at least go see this house in person.

35 Mill Street, Jeffersonville (Matthew J. Freda Realty)

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