Pursue Creativity in this Hudson Valley Home, $295K

  |  February 22, 2021
rebuilt craftsman

Looking for a place to live and work? This rebuilt Craftsman in Ulster County, NY provides the perfect pad for productive pursuits.

To literally nobody’s surprise, the inclusion of a home office is poised to be one of the biggest interior design trends of 2021. The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp relief just how much of the day-to-day can be done from the comforts of our own homes (and pajamas), and, this week on Upstater, we’re celebrating that telecommuting life by featuring an array of our favorite homes for sale with offices or studios included. First stop on our virtual journey: this renovated Arts-and-Crafts bungalow just minutes from the Hudson River.

In spite of its name, the Ulster County town of Esopus, NY sits nowhere near the Esopus Creek, but it’s practically next-door-neighbors to Black Creek and the woodsy preserve that bears its name. This two-bedroom, 1,113-square-foot house takes up a sun-dappled, quarter-acre lot here.

Inside, there are three floors available, with the first floor featuring a utility room and bedroom…

rebuilt craftsman

…while up the stairs to the second floor is the light-filled living room and remodeled bath. You’ll also find the kitchen on this floor, as long as you don’t blink…

rebuilt craftsman

…but, while it is a tiny kitchen, it does comes with high-end fixtures. What it does not come with is a fridge. Or a stove. Time to start shopping for those!

rebuilt craftsman

The third floor is where we would put our home office/studio space, since it offers plenty of light and enough privacy from the rest of the house to get those goals accomplished. Or, you can make it the guest quarters.

rebuilt craftsman rebuilt craftsman

Behind the house is a new deck for outdoor gatherings, and the property’s Van-Gogh-festooned garage is currently used for storage. The listing states that the owners can provide blueprints for a new garage design.

rebuilt craftsman

Are you “Van-Gogh”ing crazy for this rebuilt Craftsman? Find out more about 15 Parker Avenue, Esopus, NY from Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

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