Family-Friendly Antique Farmhouse, $399K

  |  February 18, 2020
red hook farmhouse

This refreshing Red Hook farmhouse is aging like the finest of wines.

In terms of offering attractive older homes in good condition, the Hudson Valley real estate market is positively killing it. We can’t pass the listings these days and not bump into a bevvy of well-kept or updated antiques on a daily basis, and our inner up-cyclers give this trend a big thumbs up. Here’s a house built in 1787 – distinctive stone foundation still in tact – with a 1,664-square-foot interior that looks fresh and contemporary.

red hook farmhouse
red hook farmhouse

Furthermore, you can move in the whole family without stepping on each others’ toes, with a semi-open first floor with living room, formal dining room, entryway with built-it storage, and an office/study. The kitchen is a sunny, updated space bedecked in soothing blue and white…

…and, up on the second floor, there are three bedrooms plus two full baths to accommodate the troops during busy weekday mornings. There’s plenty of closet space in the master bedroom…

red hook farmhouse

…while the other two bedrooms are huge – closets also included – and awash in natural light.

The home’s biggest bonus feature resides on the ground floor (yep, there are three levels here, which you can see from the back of the house): A big home-office with its own separate entrance.

red hook farmhouse

The features don’t end there, though. There’s also a screened-in porch…

…as well as a huge yard complete with its own pond. The listing photos don’t include shots of the pond, but you can see it in the south end of the property on Google Maps.

The rolling, park-like property is located in rural Dutchess County, just a few miles outside of Red Hook, NY. Some of your nearby neighbors include Greig Farm, where you can pick your own fruit and pumpkins in the fall.

Is this Red Hook farmhouse perfect for your family? Find out more about 288 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY from Paula Redmond Real Estate Inc.

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