Relax for the Weekend in Downtown Troy

  |  June 8, 2016
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Victorian Rowhouse- Private Room via

Price/Night: $75

Accommodations: Private Room

Max Guests: 2

Min Stay: 1 night

Honestly, we’re all just waiting for Friday. Getting up early, spending all day stuck in one place, and avoiding your boss can take a serious toll. The clock is ticking and the countdown to Friday has already begun. Currently there are 57 hours until the weekend and we cannot wait. After a long, hard, and treacherous week, you need to relax in this private room in Downtown Troy.

This 3rd floor room has high ceilings and window seats that are reminiscent of a time gone by. The large windows look down into stylish historic Downtown Troy. Take a soothing bath in a clawfoot tub to get away from your work worries. Spend time ignoring your emails and reading on your window seat. The bathroom is shared but most often than not you are the only one there. Plus the host makes breakfast every morning. The kitchen is so beautiful we can’t imagine any bad food coming out of it.

Our favorite part of this stay in Troy is its location. This room is above Indigo Herbal Hairspa. You guessed it, the host of this beautiful room owns Indigo! Take this as a sign to get that haircut you’ve always wanted. Plus every cut comes with a mini scalp massage! What more could you ask for? If you’re not interested in getting a massage, there are so many delicious restaurants and shops within walking distance. Book this place before we do!

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