Rhinebeck Village Dreamhouse, $1.1M

  |  May 24, 2021
renovated rhinebeck farmhouse

You might want to sit down before you dive into this swoon-worthy renovated Rhinebeck farmhouse, lest you find yourself weak in the knees. 

Originally built in 1856, this gem of a Rhinebeck residence was given stem-to-stern renovation, complete with restored period details like the support beams, exposed and brought to the forefront, and the plank flooring…

renovated rhinebeck farmhouse

…while just about everywhere else in the 1,806-square-foot interior is dripping with new features and fixtures. Like a squeaky-clean, crisp aesthetic? Allow yourself to be soothed by this one…

The kitchen, which is situated in the new add-on to the home, embraces both old and new, with a retro-style Smeg refrigerator, deVOL  faucet, and custom tiling…

…and, the second floor features a huge, light-filled primary suite with a private bath (you can bet the home’s 2.5 baths are the height of spa-like comfort), plus two other bedrooms.

renovated rhinebeck farmhouse renovated rhinebeck farmhouse

All the stuff behind-the-scenes is new, too, like the electrical system, heating, cooling, and plumbing. The half-acre property also comes with tasteful, understated landscaping surrounding the sun-dappled yard. Add a patio or pool if you want to up your backyard game.

The property is in the middle of the historic Rhinebeck village, just a few blocks from the area’s famous restaurants and shops. If you’re in the market for a home in Rhinebeck, NY, keep your sights set on Upstater this week for more of our favorite listings!

renovated rhinebeck farmhouse

Is this renovated Rhinebeck farmhouse a dream-come-true? Find out more about 129 E. Market Street, Rhinebeck, NY from Gary DiMauro Real Estate, Inc

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