Feast Your Eyes on this Rensselaer County NY Victorian For Sale, $149,900

  |  October 9, 2017

Happy October, everyone! In the spirit of the season, we are falling end-over-teakettle for this Rensselaer County NY Victorian for sale. The ornate front tower with cupola looks fresh from the set of a Tim Burton film, and while we don’t believe in ghosts, we wouldn’t be surprised – and delighted! – if we found a few here.

Instead, what we will definitely find here is a c.1845 Gothic Victorian with three bedrooms, 1665 square feet, hardwood floors, Craftsman built-ins, pressed tin paneled ceilings, and arched window frames. The listing language is clear that the house is being sold “as-is. All defects have been reflected in the price.” What are the defects? That’s for you to sort out with the realtor, but defects exist. Plan on renovating.

Regardless, this 19th century Rensselaer County Victorian house for sale is a stunner to behold, and it sits on nearly an acres’ worth of land about 20 minutes due east of Albany’s city center. If you’ve got renovating on your mind, you should jump. All. Over. This. House…and then get yourself an EMF meter for ghost hunting.

2805 NY Route 43, Averill Park (Capital Region Real Estate Group)

Rensselaer County NY Victorian For Sale Rensselaer County NY Victorian For Sale

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